For the first time ever we have lemons on our established tree where half the skin has been neatly peeled off or removed on some of the fruit. The fruit remains on the tree. Most of the crop is fine or undamaged. There is no sign of any disease.
I am wondering if this is a rogue rodent?

2nd Issue:
Last year we had a dwarf mandarin tree (about 5 or 6 years old) die fully laden with lots of small fruit. There was no obvious cause of death. We are not ones to inflame situations but we do wonder if a particular neighbor may may have poisoned it as they have very bad neighbour history? I still have the tree.
Lemon also happens to be on the same boundary.

Anyway your guidance would be appreciated.

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Hi Selwyn,

With regards to the lemon issue, it is most likely a possum that is munching on the skin. We received the exact same question on Facebook earlier this month so it must be the time of year.

With regards to your mandarin tree, “rapid” death of a citrus is most often caused by Borer but you would see some “dust” near the main trunk. Alternatively, a weedkiller spray can also have a similar effect. After this amount of time you would not be able to check (apart from evidence of borer holes). Plants normally do not die quickly unless a major event has happened. Please note we have no evidence that a weedkiller has been used so this is just a suggestion.

For more advice we would recommend taking a photo of the tree and popping into your local Palmers store. The team there may be able to shed some more light after seeing it.

Thanks, the Palmers team

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