Hi, I am wanting to grow a Mango tree. I live in Hamilton and have been advised by all the major garden centres here including Palmers, that they do not do well in New Zealand. However I have heard of some people in northland being able to grow them. I have read that a Mango tree needs to be grafted in order to produce decent fruit. would Palmers be able to order in an already-grafted Mango tree. I could collect it from the Hamilton branch. If so, my thoughts would be to container grow it under cover to keep it warm, and frost protect it.


Suzanne Ralph

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Hi Suzanne

That is right Suzanne. The overall climate south of the far north is not suitable for growing Mango. Our winters are too cold even without frost which affects fruiting and the summer not dry enough.

If you were to try we would love to know how you get on

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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