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Would you please advise when I should fertilise blueberry bushes. Can I continue feeding them animal manure and blood and bone throughout winter and feed other fertilisers during spring/summer?

Also insects keep chewing the buds – what specific pyrethrum-based spray can I use to discourage them?

Try as I may, the bushes currently are extremely twiggy and pretty leafless, even though throughout summer I have fertilised and applied compost. They are planted along a sunny fence which in summer receives all day sun, in winter the sun disappears by 2.00-3.00pm. I live at the Mount.

Thank you & regards

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Hi Sally

Thanks for your question. Blueberries can be fed next in Spring and blood and bone and sheep pellets are fine. Use super spraying oil as a spray or neem oil to control the bugs.

The bushes may be leafless if in a windy location or if there has been drought. Sunshine and location sound fine for their fruiting. Keep up regular watering.

Happy gardening!

Maria Palmers national garden consulatant

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