We have a Monstera and it is spreading out sideways. I heard that you can teach them to grow up a pole, what sort of stake would we use and how do we train it to go up rather than out?

  • Sarah Griffiths asked 1 year ago
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Hi Sarah,

Yes you can train Monstera to grow up a pole. As the plants are natural epiphytes, they grow up a tree trunk. The best way to train them upwards is to create something that emulates a tree trunk.

You can make your own pole using bamboo stakes and coir in which you wrap the coir around 2 bamboo stakes with loose twine, or you can use wire, make a tube and stuff it with wet sphagnum moss. Once you have done this the best idea is to re-pot the Monstera, place the moss pole in the center and then tie the Monstera vines to the pole.

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