I have a young mountain pawpaw growing in a pot.
Seems very happy…trunk getting nice and thick.
All of a sudden the bottom leaves are turning yellow.
Too much water or not enough.
I have been watering daily. Is that wrong?

Thanks for you help.
Really appreciate it.

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Hi Bea,

The leaves turning yellow could be excess water as this plant can often survive in drought-like conditions but not being waterlogged. Make sure the water can drain away at the bottom of the pot, being that it is summer watering daily should not cause that many issues as pots dry out quickly but put your finger into the soil before watering to check if it has dried out underneath the top layer before watering again.

Trees and plants grown in pots may also be struggling with nutrients as they wash out a lot quicker. Add some fertiliser such as Novatec premium or even a container safe citrus fertiliser. To boost the foliage spray weekly with Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic. This will also help with the yellow leaves.

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