Hi there,

We have a 20 plus year old pheonix palm in our garden.
Except that we have a ferns like stringy plants now attached to the trunk.
Have tried to pull them out & the outside bark of the trunk seems brittle & rotting.
Fronds & tree appear healthy in every other way.
Any advice please.
Waimaiku auckland location.



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Hi Steve

Thanks for your question. You will find it is quite normal for the outer bark of the tree to be brittle as you describe and there will be all sorts of bugs dwelling there. The tree will be healthy. These trees do attract ephiphtes to hang on and the only way of cleaning up the tree is by hand weeding. The overspray of a weed killer may affect the tree so I would not suggest to spray.

I would advise to weed the tree trunk and then spray with Super Spraying oil from Kiwicare to take care of any bug infestation as well as any fungal infection if you find it is still appearing to be rotting.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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