Hi there, have some buxus hedging at our place and have noticed over the last few months it it turning yellow in parts and some parts looking withered and dying. Is this simply just a matter of not enough water? Am watering about once or twice a week. Or is it something else? I have noticed driving around the neighbourhood that others have the same issue.

  • Jeremy Williamson asked 5 years ago
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Hi Jeremy

It does sound like water and we have had an exceptionally hot dry summer which perhaps your watering isn’t enough to quench the thirst. It also may be a hunger problem. Now that the days are becoming shorter and more rain fall on the way you might find that feeding the plants now with an organic plant food from Ocean Organics or Seasol will give the lift it needs. You can pick up some in your local Palmers

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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