I have recently moved into a house on the Kapiti coast and the garden as a grapefruit tree. The soil s sandy and I am near the sea. The tree gets watered regally I had it pruned when we first moved in a year ago and I have fertilised it.

My problem is that the tree is not bearing any fruit.

What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Kevin

It may be looking for food. If it is old enough to fruit (older than 3 years) then this may be the problem with the sandy soil.

Pop in to your local Palmers and pick up some Palmers X compost. This compost is full of composted bark and leaf material which this along with some sheep pellets would definitely help your tree. It is also time to feed your citrus with Epsom salts which is high in magnesium. This along with some seaweed solution from Ocean Organics also available in store will help your tree.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers garden consultant

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