Is dethatching just a hard rake or done by some other means?

We have lots of small toadstools which pop up each day in our reasonably new lawn. Is there some product to combat them? I have been pulling them out but not all come out with their roots intact. (Pity they aren’t mushrooms!!)

Is is necessary to ease up in the winter months on our sprinkling system watering every second day?

Many thanks for your response to the above queries


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Hi John, the main concern we have is your watering regime, it sounds like you are putting too much water on and this would explain the appearance of toadstools. We think your soil is becoming waterlogged and the acidity is now too low. If your lawn is younger than 1 year you shouldn’t have to dethatch as yet, unless you are using a mulching mower. A dethatch rake is specific, but can be substituted for a rake with sharp teeth. Do you need to irrigate at all from now on, or maybe just when required? You might need to aerate your lawn as well (sharp fork) to get some air back into the soil, this will prevent the toadstools from coming up. You can read more about lawn care here http://www.palmers.co.nz/portfolio-items/how-to-care-for-your-lawn/, or you can pop in and chat to the team at your local Palmers store. Thanks, the Palmers team

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