My beefsteak tomato has been growing well and looks healthy except now some of the leaves are beginning to curl up. What would be causing this and how do I control it?

  • Vicki McConnell asked 4 years ago
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Hi Vicki

thanks for your question. Curling tomato leaves can be drought or a viral infection. Keep roots of the plant (not whole plant leaves and stems) regularly watered and if in pot don’t put the plant in an area that is burning hot all day as the intensity of heat to the raised pot can cause the plant a lot of stress. When I have plants in pots I have a few smaller pots with flowering hardy plants like marigolds in front if they are likely to be in a heat exposed place.

If a viral infection disposal of the plant may be the only way to manage it. Don’t compost the plant. Try first spraying with copper one week and Neem oil mixed with water the next. Dilution instructions are available on the products which you can purchase in store at your local Palmers.


Palmers garden consultant

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