Can you tell me if there is an optimum time of the year to de-thatch your lawn? Also, should I do a weed spray before, if so how long before?

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Hi Heather, the optimum time is right now!

Ideally you would have done a lawn weed spray a couple of weeks ago then de-thatch 2-3 weeks after spraying this way you will remove some of the dead weeds as well, if you only have a few weeds you could leave the weed spray until spring.

Following, is your autumn lawn care programme: spray for lawn weeds, wait for approx. 2 weeks then de-thatch your lawn (the removal of dead material in your lawn). This will enable your lawn to breathe again, providing healthy green grass aerate (if needed) using sand (when aerating) Specially if your lawn has shown signs of water ponding. Use lawn mix to even out the hollows and over sow where required, follow up with Scotts Lawn Builder, which is a slow release fertiliser.

Lastly lightly irrigate your lawn to ensure sand has run into the aeration holes and the seed is now in contact with soil particles. Due to warm soil temperatures (after summer) and some autumn rain your lawn will respond quickly and gets itself ready for winter.

Thanks, the Palmers team

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