Standard Mock orange blossom Mature.
Dwarf Kowhai
Small Camelia

In different places on the section.
Leaves have fallen off or gone yellow and died.
Have used all Yates products recommended to me with very little effect.
Plants around above are all thriving well.

Thank you

  • margaret adkins asked 6 years ago
  • last edited 6 years ago
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Hi Margaret, are these newly planted plants (as in the last 6 months?). All 3 are susceptible to rotting around the trunk if they are planted too deep or have had mulch (or similar) added on top of the soil. We would suggest doing a bit of digging around the tree to get a proper look at the trunk and root system. We believe that is where the problem lies (not the top end of the plant). The Kowhai and Mock orange are susceptible to borer but you would have seen evidence of this with sawdust around the base of the plant somewhere. If the roots are rotten ensure the plants are planted a lot higher so water runs away and ensure mulch doesn’t creep up the stem. Thanks, the Palmers team

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