I would like to aquire a fungicide that minimises or blocks rootrot or black spot from my seedlings, especially tomoatoes. I tried two batches last season, clean equipment, new soil, new seed, different growing areas for each batch, same result.

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Hi Carol

Thanks for your question. There isn’t a product that will do this I’m prevent id. You may need to look at modifying the method you are using to sow seeds as they should not be having this much trouble with fungal infections.

The method I use and find successful is to

  1. Fill a seed raising stray with seed raising mix. I love the black magic mix
  2. Dampen the soil with water
  3. Sow your seeds on top
  4. Cover the seeds in a thin layer of seed raising mix
  5. Place a thick folded wad of paper over the seed tray
  6. place the tray with paper on top in a large plastic bag
  7. Put the tray in a dark place like a hot water cupboard or garage
  8. each day, be sure to check the seeds for germination and turn the paper over to prevent mould.
  9. As soon as seeds break through the soil. Remove the paper lid and plastic bag and let the seeds continue to germinate in a warm light (but not direct sun) area like the kitchen bench or a table. From this point water the seed tray every few days to keep seed mix moist.

hope this helps

happy gardening


Palmers national garden consultant

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