Could you please advise me the name of a suitable fern which is able to grow up to a metre or two high and a metre wide, and which is to go in a shady place. I want to be able to look down on it and see its rosette shape, but I do not want a tall tree fern.
I would also like it to be of a good size to plant rather than wait a long time for it to reach the desired height.
If you have such a specimen, please tell me its size and cost.
Thank you very much! I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Rosemary Steer asked 7 years ago
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The best fern variety that we could recommend would be the NZ native ‘Piopio’ (Blechnum discolour) or commonly known as Crown Fern. This compact fern forms a short trunk with age and has a rosette of fronds that would look magnificent from above. Another alternative to consider would be Blechnum gibbum “Silver Lady” (not a native) which is also a compact crown fern with lighter green fronds.

Prices can vary, according to which grades might be in stock at your local Palmers store. If you are looking for a specimen size these can sometimes be sourced from our growers if they happen to have bigger options currently in stock. Your local Palmers store could provide more information. Call us on 0800 PALMERS.

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