Citrus tree are losing their leaves – they’re green, not yellow. Plenty of blossoms on them. Have fed citrus fertiliser to them. Any ideas?

  • Barbara Shadbolt asked 7 years ago
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Hi Barbara

Thanks for your question. I have had this happen to me too and it can happen if your plant is under stress or are under or overwatering it. For me it would have been overwater from our kind young one. Also if soil has been built up around the base of the tree – Citrus prefer to sit elevated when planted rather than ‘flush’ with the ground and certainly not below overall ground level. Sometimes if you have underplanted with something the ground level may be raised. Be sure to feed Spring, Summer and in Autumn (at the beginning of the season) as they are hungry feeders.

Try altering watering and don’t feed again for a while. Your plant may also be dropping it’s leaves seemingly all at once as the leaves only last one year and then drop – so you may be witnessing this natural shed.

Hope this helps

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant.

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