I recently bought 2 echium plants from Whangarei Palmers and their leaves are curling and drooping during midday sun. I am concerned as was trying to grow a plant from off cuts from the South Island and never succeeded.
The spot we have them in is well drained, stony and dry, full sun.
We added sphagnum moss and compost when planting from pot.
Do they need lots of water in the initial settling period? What can we do to ensure they settle and grow well?
Thank you!

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Hi Julia

Thanks for your question. Echium thrive in hot and dry free draining soil. Your site sounds well suited. They are also very hardy. At time of initial planting and if in a hot time of year (Jan – Late February) you will need to water deeply every 3 days to settle in for the first two weeks and then your plants should be fine. The dropping of leaves can just be due to sulking so should perk up fine soon.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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