Hello I have just put in a new white picket fence out from of my house.

I have created a garden on my property against the fence. Total length is about 4m and THE width varies as I’ve curved it – but widest point 2M and narrowest point is about .5M.

The garden as it stands is empty. I am wanting to build up the garden height a little and then plant out with smallish shrubs (1-1.5m high) at the back and then smaller flowering evergreen foliage at the front.

Soooo – couple a questions.
What’s the best thing I should use to prep this garden – mulch,more top soil, compost etc?
Any suggestions for flowering evergreen shrubs and anything else to plant?


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Hi Barry

The garden size sounds great to have a lovely variety of shrubs and other plantings. Your prep ideas sound good. Make sure if you have clay soil you dust the soil as per bag instructions with Gypsum and dig into the existing soil and then add compost at about 10cm in depth on top of what you would use to plant the individual shrubs into freshly dug holes. Yes mulch the garden once planted to keep the weeds down and garden warm over winter.

Shrubs that will look nice are

Hebe (various varieties of pink and purple flowers available)
Choysia ternata white long flowering shrub
Cistus brilliancy have lovely pink flowers
Heliotrope is antoher nice purple of pink scented shrub
Fushia if you have enough shade

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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