On the 5th of May my son planted 3 fejoa trees 2 of which seem to be doing ok having new leaf growth the third has lost abot 20% of its lower leaves no new growth and each time i check it it looks more like i am going to lose it. It is a Unique variety. the other two are appollo and antoinette, What is your advice?

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Hi Joanne,

The Feijoa tree may have just gone into a bit of transplant shock.

Ensure the tree gets plenty of water over this time, Use a liquid fertiliser such as Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic and spray the foliage weekly, this might help the tree recover.

Check the soil you have planted the tree in, good drainage is a must and add any compost and sheep pellets if the soil is a bit poor.

Take and damaged limbs off the tree.

The tree won’t really grow much over winter but hopefully, with the burst of spring it will bounce back and you will see a new flush of growth.

Good luck

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