Hello there,
I’ve just purchased a bag of Nitrophoska to give my tomato plant a boost and now read the fine print which states “not suitable for pots”. My tomato just happens to be in a pot. Can you explain why the product is not suitable for plants in pots?

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Hi Diane,

Nitrophoska is not recommended for use in pots as it has fast activating nitrogen in the mix. It will dissolve quickly with watering and is much easier to over -fertilise the plant and cause damage to the plant.

The best fertilisers recommended for pots are a sustained release or slow-release fertiliser. These release fertiliser over an extended period of time and are much safer for use in plants as they won’t just dissolve with the next watering. The plants are in such a confined space in containers they do not need too much fertiliser.

An alternative to Nitrophoska is Novatec Premium. If you have already used the Nitrophoska, I wouldn’t worry too much. I have used it before myself with no issues but there are better alternatives for the future.

All the best.

The Palmers Team

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