I bought a climbing rose named Wedding Day two seasons ago. During the first season, it bore no flowers with plenty of foliage.
This year there were two bunches of small white flowers at the beginning of this season. But no further flowers. The branches are growing tall and climbing.
What should I do?

Thanks for your advice.


  • Hiran Fernando asked 4 years ago
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Hi Hiran,

Roses are very hungry plants so there could be a few reasons your climbing rose is not flowering.
There may not be enough nutrients in your soil. Roses like rich soil, so adding plenty of compost and manures such as sheep pellets will help the roses flower.
There may be too much nitrogen in the soil if you perhaps are feeding with a basic garden fertiliser. Try feeding the plant with a rose fertiliser that will boost the flowering of your plant. This will need to be done quite often over the growing season. Add applications of fertiliser in spring, summer and autumn.
Is your plant getting enough sunlight? Roses prefer full sun and should be getting at least 6 hours of sunlight.
Roses do not produce flowers if the plant is suffering from drought so make sure you keep a good watering schedule during summer and the warmer months of the year.

All the best, I hope you manage to get some flowers 🙂

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