I planted a double row of beans at the correct time of year. They grew right up the canes and the leaves were very green and healthy. The flowers all formed as per usual. However, none of the flower clusters formed pods.

This has never happened before as I usually am knee deep in beans to eat, give away or freeze. Do you have any idea what can have happened as I do not want the same problem again?

Many thanks

Jeanette Davies

  • Jeanette Davies asked 3 years ago
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Hi Jeanette, there are a couple of possibilities – 1) you have been too kind with the fertiliser, too much fertiliser can prevent the flowers from setting, or cause them to fall soon after setting, 2) no pollination if for whatever reason there bees where not around, although bumblebees have been known to nibble to flower buds, 3) temperature too high. Flowers do not set very well in temperatures that are too high, 4) a lack of sunlight, if your patch is now in a too shady position. In your case it might well be a combination of the above. Have a go at remedying/changing some of the above factors and hopefully the beans will thrive next season. Thanks, the Palmers team

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