I have purchased many seedling plants from Palmers Westgate recently and they have all died or bolted!
They apparently had very tiny root systems as well when they where transplanted! It wasn’t obvious
That these plants were doomed to fail and one wouldn’t imagine as a novice gardener that this would be
the outcome! Very disappointing from novices who don’t have time to plant from seed, and who trust
that the garden centre are selling quality products!

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Hi, Must be very frustrating, to say the least. The seedlings that our store in Westgate sells are the same ones that all other retailers sell, although very frustrating, it is unlikely to be specifically the seedlings at our Westgate store, Ideally the seedlings get planted fairly soon after purchasing, into a reasonable good soil, preferably as a mix of good garden soil and Vegetable mix. Prior to planting it always helps to soak them in a “bath” of organic liquid fertiliser Seaweed, Fish fertiliser or Compost tea. Then after planting give them a good soaking with the “bath” water. Then you should be able to leave the watering for a period of time. (until required) don’t forget a little sprinkle of some snail bait as these little ….. can eat the little lettuces overnight. Suggest you pop back into the Westgate store print this reply. If you ask for the store manager they will give you 4 seedling punnets as replacements for Free Regards Ron van Zuilen.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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