Hi, I was given a beautiful little orchid for Christmas by a very special person. It’s in a small container and there seems to be all roots and not much dirt. The flower fell of and one leaf went yellow and fell off. Any hope for it do you think?

  • Annamaria Grafas asked 1 year ago
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Hi Annamaria,

Orchids do not mind at all when they are in a smaller container, they do tend to have a lot of roots but if there is plenty of them growing out the top of the container and not much potting soil left it may be time to repot into a slightly larger container. This will also help rejuvenate and aerate the plan.

Orchids require very good drainage, That’s why you should always buy a specific orchid potting mix. It has very big and chunky bark in it. The leaf going yellow and falling off to me indicates you may have overwatered, so easy to do with orchids. Watering twice a week in summer should be about right, as long as the water has somewhere to drain away, never leave an orchid sitting in water. I usually just run mine under the tap in the sink and make sure all the water has drained out the bottom. Water much less in winter, every 7- 10 days. You can also mist with a spray bottle as they like high humidity. Spraying the foliage with liquid fertiliser in the growing season will help give it a boost.

Good Luck with your orchid, they are such lovely plants.

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