Over the week of the Tauranga gardens art show Palmers ran a Miniture garden competition, there was imformation leading up to it with the rules etc and the dates, but since the competition has closed I am disappointed that Palmers have failed to list the 1st and 2nd place winners in each of the 3 categories and also there has been no mention of best in show.
I would have thought these would have been published in this weeks palmers newsletter as the competition was advertised it in prior to the event so it would now be nice to see the winners entries from each category.
Look forward to your reply.
Regards Marion Tauranga.

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Hi Marion, The store owner apologises that announcing the winners was overlooked, he is currently in the UK without access to the information. Please see his response below

I can tell you that the BEST IN SHOW went to the lady that won first for the outdoor Miniature Garden, and all exhibits were marked with the winning positions during the week.
All prizes were won and distributed to the winners, who collected the gardens after the event. Thanks the Palmers Team

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