Hi, can grapes and passion fruit grow together on the same trellis? we live in koutu Rotorua any tips for growing would be appreciated ?

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Hi Carol,

Both grapes and passionfruit can be quite vigorous and need quite a bit of room to grow so growing them on the same trellis while it could be done might not be suitable, It would really depend on the size of the trellis you had in mind. However, anything can be done if you are willing to prune and control the plants so they would not grow over one another.

Grapes are dormant in winter and passionfruit are evergreen. They both like to be grown in full sun. Passionfruit will not tolerate frost and will need to be grown in a protected area or have frost cover in winter. Grapes should also be protected from strong winds. They both like a free-draining soil. It would be ideal if you could add plenty of organic matter and compost before planting them both and mulching would be ideal too as it will help keep the roots cool and keep moisture in.

They will both benefit from regular feeding, especially during the fruiting season. A strawberry or citrus fertiliser will be ideal, also plenty of water over the fruiting season. This will help the fruits from drying out and getting a bigger, better crop.

All the best

The Palmers Team

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