We have tried various locations, vertical frames, overhead frames, sheltered frames, against walls, kept the plants weed free, but every year the plants loose their leaves, the fruit while green shrivels up and the plants die. Yet we see neighbours having great success and a few having same problem as us. We started to suspect some sort of thrip last summer, possibly attacking the stems. Have you any hints that can help us for once enjoy a crop.
Thank you … Kay

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Hi Kay

It’s possible your soil type is an issue and due to root rot, new plants keep dying. Passionfruit like a sunny well drained but fertile soil, with plenty of air movement around the plant.

If you find the soil isn’t quite right, plant the Passion Fruit a lot higher (almost out of the ground) and build up the soil around it with a good soil substitute like General Garden Mix. This way, excess water will run away from the plant rather than drown the plant (causing root rot).

We’d also recommend putting a good mulch around the plant, such as the Kolush Manuka Garden Mulch and Seaweed. Passion Fruit are hungry plants so as the plant gets growing regularly feed with an organic liquid fertiliser (Seaweed, Compost Tea, Fish Fertiliser) and ensure plenty of water going into January/February.

Thanks, the Palmers team

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