I have a passion fruit vine that I planted two years ago and this year has produced heaps of fruit but I not too sure what to do now. Do I prune it later in the year and get another crop next year or leave it?
How long is it expected to last?

  • Colin Hutchins asked 2 years ago
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Hi Colin, Well done. It is always nice to get a success story! (they take two years before they come into fruit and should last 4-5 years before they tend to go backwards) I wouldn’t do anything at the moment, maybe spread some Manuka seaweed and mulch around the plant to suppress any weed growth and protect the roots over the winter months. In spring you should prune it back to the frame work as well as removing some ”internal” growth to open the plant up a little to allow for better airflow. As the plant gets older try to replace one or two of the main laterals so the plant has always a new lateral taking over an old one to sustain good fruit going forward.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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