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I have tried to grow 2 lots of Passion fruit fines,the first one did not last long at all,the second one started growing quite well than all of a sudden the leafs turned yellow and that also died. We live in Papamoa.We went for a walk yesterday and saw a house with a really healthy Passion fruit growing and they live near the Beach.We are just a bit further down from the beach,they had about 4 vines growing in a row,do we need to have 2 plants growing.
What sort of soil do I need to have.

Cheers SUE

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Hi Sue, you should be able to successfully grow Passionfruit in your area, but you might need to add some organic matter to the soil, so it can hold a bit more water at critical times. (you do not need two plants) They like a well draining soil but never should be allowed to dry out. They do like a lot of fertiliser especially in a sandy soil, you will need to continually provide this. We would recommend any of the organic fertilisers (sheep pellets, seaweed fish fertiliser and compost tea) (they do take two years before fruiting) The best time to plant will be in October/November.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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