My peach tree is still in full leaf despite at least three minus3degree frosts here in Taupo.
Problem is that when spring and the new leaves come I get Curly leaf and very little fruit. I bought it as a miniature and it is now at least 6 foot high. The miniature nectarine that I bought at the same time is still miniature and has lost all its leaves and is budding up beautifully. I bought the two trees from Palmers in Taupo. The peach is a Honey Babe.

Any suggestions


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Hi Barbara, There’s nothing you can do, they will drop of at some stage. You still will need to prune this to control the height. Also very important to spray with Free flow copper and enspray oil to control the leaf curl. Spraying just before flowering and just after is also important to control the leaf curl.

Thanks the Palmer Team

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