Hi there,

I bought some specialty ‘pepper’ seeds [several different varieties] a while back and decided to plant them in my mini hothouse outside about a month ago, as it gets full time sun and was warming up quite nicely. However…. we got several frosts, quite badly, that the inside of the hothouse had a layer of ice on the inner lid.

To date, no seeds have come up.

I am wondering if you think the seeds:

1) will just lay dormant until it warms up a bit more OR
2) could this cold snap have destroyed the seed?

I’m wanting to get an expert opinion to see whether its worth buying more seeds, or if I should just ‘bide my time’, hoping they will germinate.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Lisa, My feeling would be that if you used a mini hothouse the seeds would have started the germination process but the cold nights/frosts would have prevented them from developing to anything and as such would have died even before getting above the ground. I would re-sow the seeds (and still use the hothouse) as you will need to protect them from the cold nights until well into November. Thanks the Palmers Team

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