We have a bare clay bank. It is quite steep (about 20 degrees off vertical), 1.5 metres high at the highest point tapering to nothing over about 20 metres.

It faces East and gets full sun from reasonable soon after the sun comes up until early afternoon.

We can dig holes at the base of the bank to put in good quality soil however I am reluctant to dig holes in the slope itself as this may cause erosion.

The top of the bank is a path.

I want to plant plants that will cover the bank and minimize any erosion. My preference is for native plants. During summer whatever is planted may only get watered once or twice a week.

I’m thinking along the lines of a robust ground cover or something that naturally spreads.

What would you suggest (I’m quite happy with three to five suggestions as some variety may be quite nice) and do you have it in stock or can you get it in the next couple of weeks? Pricing would also be useful.

Many thanks

Jon Eriksen

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Hi Jon

Thanks for your question there are some great options that will help you that need little watering and can be trained up to cover the 1.5 meter high bank.

+++ Non native flowering plants +++

Rosemary Lockwood de forest
Hedera (Ivy)

+++ Native plants +++

Corokia Kirkii
Corokia cotoneaster

Happy gardening


Palmers garden consultant

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