Hi there!

I just bought a Golder Special grapefruit tree and a Meyer lemon dwarf from your shop.
Then when I got home I read on your website that it’s better to do the planting in the spring.

My question is: should I plant them now or should I wait for the spring (I live in Tokoroa)?

Also if it is better to wait, I guess I should keep them indoors, right?
Should I put them in a room without heating or is it better to put them in a heated space?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Vlado,

The reason you are advised to wait until spring for planting is that citrus, especially while young can be frost sensitive.

If you do not get much frost where you are, I would advise planting them now, as they will have time for their roots to settle in over winter and they will have the extra benefit of getting rain as they are settling in, come spring they should get a burst of growth.

If you do get quite a bit of frost, you can keep them in an area that is protected, if you do keep them inside I would recommend the room not to be a heated room.

You can also purchase frost protection covers from your local garden centre.

Good Luck and I hope you have lots of fruit to come.

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