We have a 16 year old, 6 metre tall pohutukawa which has never flowered. It is on clay soil, in full sun. I have sprayed it for bugs. There are other trees near it which flower prolifically – a bottlebrush, feijoa (which produces enormous, juicy fruit), rosemary, and a wild cherry.
I have had differing answers when I have asked how to get flowers – fertilise (Osmacote, native garden, Seasonal), don’t ever fertilise; prune, don’t ever prune; more water, less water.
It would be lovely if this big tree would flower!
We are in Wanganui.


PS. Our kauri tree has 2 cones!

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Hi Sue, With a tree this old no amount of fertilising will ever make any difference, my assumption would be that it is infertile tree, most likely a seedling that quite possibly will never flower. The best solution is to forget what it could look like, you never know at some stage it might just do it’s thing (sometimes a tree can take a long time to mature before it comes into flower).

Thanks the Palmers Team

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