We planted a pomegrante some years ago.it is espalliered on a wooden fence facing north to Matua. We get fruit but they are hard and dont seem to ripen. Do we need another one for fertilisation? Any tips welcome. Thank you

  • Donna Watchman asked 1 year ago
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Hi Donna,

It is not necessary to have more than one pomegranate, they are self fertile and you should only need the one plant.

The fruit of the Pomegranate can take up to seven months to ripen and require a long hot summer to get nice and juicy. They need to planted in a warm part of the garden, which is sounds like you have done so that is really great. It can take two – three years to get a good crop of fruit.

Although Pomegranates like the heat and are extremely drought tolerant I would recommend increasing the amount of irrigation during summer and even mulching to help keep the moisture levels up, this will help the fruit get more moisture into them. I would also recommend feeding with a citrus fertiliser as this will help the plant put more energy into the fruit.

Good luck, I do hope you get some delicious juicy fruit in the future.

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