I bought two pots of your Tete a Tete mini daffodils which are close to the end of their flowering period. I transferred them to a slightly larger pot directly after purchase.

I know I must let the foliage die down, keep them watered and in a fairly sunny position but i have been told I have to plant them out in the garden which I really do not want to do

Is there a way I can keep them either in their present bowl or, once dried off, store and replant in fresh bulb potting mix in the autumn


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Hi Carol, No they can stay quite happily in the slightly bigger pot, this will allow the bulbs to multiply and get larger, be careful not to overwater – remember the bulb will no longer use this anymore, when you see the foliage die down stop watering and let the mix dry out, store the bulbs in a dry place over summer, place in the fridge for 6 weeks prior to planting again in Autumn.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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