Hi, we are landscaping and there’s a small bank which is basically clay and rock. We’re going to remove the layer of turf (and dandelions!) and put some native grasses and Marlborough rock daisies on it. I’m wondering how we can get top soil to stay there?


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Hi Megan,

If you are planning on removing the turf but not planting for a while, I would recommend putting a blanket such as mulch over the top of the soil so that it does not go anywhere. You can use anything such as tarps to hold it in place for a while.

I would also recommend adding some beneficial compost and organic matter to the soil while it is bare to improve the structure of the soil. Once planted mulching will hold the soil in place. It does get a bit more tricky on a bank but the best way to prevent topsoil slipping away is through not leaving it bare.

The Palmers Team

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