Hi, we live next to a 60km/h road and are considering making a decking/bbq area by the fence which is next to this road. One idea we had was to plant some hedging trees (or something) that could grow to be thick enough and tall enough to protect a little from noice and weather, as well as give the desired privacy. The deck will have to stand up a little above ground so the hedging will need to be over 2m high at least. The area to line with this would be a 4m line turning at right angels to a 9 m line (like an L shape). Hope this makes sense?

So basically, we’re looking for some advice as to what hedging works well for this situation?


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Hi Chris thanks for your question.

I would highly recommend planting a Griselina hedge as this plant doubles in height each year as well as thickens fantastically to give great noise control and privacy. Plant your shrubs 70cm apart to give good coverage.

Happy gardening

Maria Palmers national garden consultant

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