I planted a Michalina (spelling may not be correct) in our garden and we are very pleased how established it is now reaching about 4 metres. I would like to plant another along our boundry in a trough about 1.5 metres deep by about 1 metre wide. It would be ideal given potential height and width. However the trough has a concrete base as the base is the footing of a 2 metre high wall.
Would a Michalina grow ok given the depth and width of the trough.

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Hi Teresa,

Michelia’s are a great option for hedging. I think given the trough is 1.5m deep and 1m wide this would be fine to plant into. Being that the base is concrete the only thing I would be concerned with is the drainage. The water will need to have somewhere to drain away if it rains or when the plants are being irrigated. You may need to add stones to the bottom or make sure there is some form of escape for the water.

Keep the plant well trimmed once it grows to your desired height and make sure a good quality soil goes into the trough with plenty of organic matter and compost. Adding sheep pellets before planting will be beneficial. Mulching will help with weed suppression and water retention.

Keeping to a feeding schedule from then on will ensure healthy plants.

The Palmers Team

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