Hello and Good day Guy’s,
My Question is When is the right time to prune back an Apple tree and HOW Do i get rid of Coddling Moth,

This is the third year that his Apple Tree has fruited and each year The Fruit has been laden with Coddling Moth,

Things is, How can I stop these Blighters from ruining the Fruit because, I do Not have a clue as to stopping the fruit from getting ruined by these critters, Ok,

Your Response would be very much Appreciated,

Thank you and Kind Regards,

Edward A Young.

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Hi Edward, fruit tree pruning is done in the middle of winter (July) and unfortunately done every year. It is done to maintain the correct shape and control the size of the fruit tree. Some fruit trees (like apples) fruit spurs that will last a few years, others like plums tend to fruit on last years growth, so keep this in mind when you are pruning fruit trees. The codling moth can be controlled by using a codling moth trap from September onwards (just before apple has finished flowering), if you are catching lots in the trap you might need to refill the trap in November. It also helps to give your fruit trees a good spray after winter pruning (with lime suphur, Enspray oil and free flow copper (2 separate sprays) this will help prevent lots of problems in spring/summer. Thanks, the Palmers team

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