I am posting this question again as your original answer didn’t cover the second part of my question re the method of pruning, only when.

I have a dwarf lemon/lime grafted onto one rootstock that is 18 months old and just over five feet in height. I don’t want it to get much higher than six feet. When and how should I prune? Do I take out whole branches or trim back all over and should this be done regularly, a little at a time, or take more but less often?

Also you talked about ‘scarifying’ the fruit. i thought this was done to a seed to help with germination. Can you explain further.

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Hi Carol, Pruning of multigrafts is a regular occurrence to make sure one of the grafts doesn’t take over, but careful not to prune of too much fruiting wood, best time is normally straight after fruiting but as mentioned summer trimming will be required.
Especially if your aim is to keep the plant to a smaller size than what it normally would grow
After 3/4 years it possibly that heavier pruning is required to ensure the plant isn’t too dense.

The Scarifying was a typo, my apologies it should have read sacrifice

Thanks the Palmers Team

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