I have not yet pruned my apricot, nectarine and apple trees. When is the best time of the year to do this and how radical should be pruning back be? Many thanks.

  • Yemma Barsanti asked 3 years ago
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Hi Yemma, pruning should be done in the middle of winter when the trees are dormant. How much you should prune depends on the age of the tree and if it has been pruned yearly.

A young tree should be left, apart from maintaining the shape (or creating the shape). If the trees are pruned annually then also try to maintain the shape which often involves removing a lot of the previous years growth, or maintaining a good balance of new and old growth. Some fruit trees bear on last years growth, some on older wood, easiest to try to have a balance of new and old wood.

If the tree hasn’t been trimmed for a few years you have a big job ahead as it will take several years to get the balance right (a heavy prune will generate a lot of excessive unwanted new growth).

Thanks, the Palmers team

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