I have grown luculia before and must have had exactly the right spot in my last garden as it was well-shaped, compact and always covered in flowers. ( I did prune it every year after flowering ).
In my present garden I have it growing close to the house so it is sheltered from frosts but the only place I had for it was a south-west facing direction. It gets quite a bit of afternoon sun in summer but not much in winter. It has grown leggy ( I have already pruned some branches to try and get it to branch out in a more compact shape ), I suppose in an effort to reach the best of the sun’s warmth. Have you any ideas for helping it to grow bushier nearer ground level rather than sending up taller branches? – apart from continuing to prune carefully. I didn’t want to prune at the end of autumn as all the flower heads were forming. It is flowering well now – it has about It has about 23 ‘bunches ‘ of buds but I’d like it less leggy.
Prue Francis.

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Hi Prue, You are correct only trim them straight after flowering, you can prune in Spring but that might sacrifice flowers. You can prune selected branches hard to encourage growth lower down, but not the whole plant at the same time.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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