My Granny Smith apples are wrinkly and uneven?
When you cut into them there is a greeny brown mark
Through them. Is there a preventative spray?

  • Rosemary Hathway asked 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago
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Hi Rosemary, the only thing we can think of is they have a codling moth caterpillar in them, but you would see an “exit” point somewhere on the apple. The “wrinkling” is just a sign that the apple will fall off soon. If it is codling moth, there is nothing you can do for this year, but next year you will need to hang a codling moth trap in your apple tree (around October). If you don’t think it is codling moth you might be best to take one of the apples into store so they can try and identify what it could be. Thanks, the Palmers team

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