I planted a fig tree in our garden 2years ago. It is growing well, however it gets fruit on it which disappear while ripening
It is a single main stem about 4-5 feet high
Q Can I place it in a pot as my other one fruits continuously in a pot.
thank you
juliette dorman

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Hi Juliette,

Sorry to hear your fig tree is not fruiting. When fruit doesn’t fully develop it can either be due to lack of pollination, watering issues or lack of nutrients in the soil and in some cases too much nitrogen in the soil creating gorgeous foliage but not any flower and fruit.

Yes if you would like to transplant your fig into a pot, you can. You will have to be very careful to disturb as little as the roots as you can. Dig around the roots and try not to cut them off. Once you have transplanted your fig, keep it well watered as it may go into shock.

All the best.

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