I have had a long-term problem with thrips on a small tree which has been in the ground for 2 seasons. It flowered last year with 1 bloom and this year with 2. I have to admit I haven’t been very proactive with spray but have just been advised that ‘Success Ultra’ is a good spray to use. I have used it, but my question is, do I leave all the diseased leaves on the tree or try and remove some of them? I have sprayed all the new growth so hopefully they won’t be diseased as well.
Are some rhododendrons more susceptible to thrips than others?

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Hi Prue, Thrips are not easy to get rid of especially in humid climates and often appear when a plant is under stress (predominantly dryness) best control is with a spray like Success Ultra. It is important to spray when the new growth has appeared, with the aim of keeping this clean, (spray late spring and again in autumn) It is also important to try to reduce the stress on the plant by ensuring that no weeds are grown around the plant and a good mulch (like the Kolush Manuka mulch and Seaweed) is being used especially around the summer and autumn months. The damaged existing leaves will fall of over time. If you have had a heavy infestation, it might pay to apply a couple of extra sprays in the next few months.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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