Hello I’ve had to move my previously healthy black boy peach tree, just 3 months after planting it out – 2 weeks after the move green leaves are continuing to fall & the leaders are wilted – I do expect it to recover next spring, but is there anything I can do now to perk it up .. Cheers Col

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Hi Colin,

The peach tree is going through a little bit of transplant shock. The best things you can do to help it out through this transition is to water the plant regularly. Watering is essential for the tree during this time.

Mulching around the base of the tree is also very helpful for helping keep in the moisture especially during the summer months.

It won’t hurt to feed the tree with a liquid fertiliser every few weeks, something like Tui Seaweed Organic Plant Tonic.

Then the last thing left to do is wait, as you said it will bounce back but some trees can take a little time to come right again.

The Palmers Team

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