My anthurium has been flourishing For several years, flowering well and with healthy foliage. It has now become very leggy and tends to flop over the pot. Can I cut the stems a couple of inches below the lowest leaf and replant these?And the existing root and crown? This has not become too big for the pot so doesn’t.t need to be divided, I don’tthink. Shall I repot or just leave the crown to hopefully regrow. Thank you.

  • Eileen Asbury asked 1 year ago
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Hi Eileen,

If you feel that your Anthurium has got to the stage it needs a hard prune, you can prune it but If you can leave some of the stems/ leaves on the plant it would be beneficial. Try to leave at last 4 leaves on the plant.
Start with the longest, leggiest stems and cut them off first. You can re-plant these stems in other pots, they respond well to being propagated this way. Make your way back to the shortest stems and see what can be left on the original crown.
You do not have to re-pot the plant but you may wish to replenish that container with some fresh soil as this will boost the nutrients to the plant.

Pruning as anthuriums grow can help keep the plant in shape and encourage new growth.

Good luck, I hope you have success and much more flowering to come.

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