Can you please tell me what is a good medium to repot moth orchids into. I have been told sphagnum moss is good and also a medium to cosrse bark.
Also can you mention a good orchid food.
Thanks Rosalynd

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Hi Rosalynd,

The best medium to re-pot moth orchids into is something that is free- draining as you say like a medium bark mix.

In-store you can purchase an orchid mix such as Thrive Orchid Mix. This is a blend of coarse bark and a controlled release fertiliser for up to 4 months that will help promote the flowering.

There are some good Orchid fertilisers around, Thrive Orchid Liquid Plant Food is a good option, applying it weekly in the growing season will help encourage those beautiful blooms.

Good luck with your Orchid, a must-have in every home 🙂

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