I have a citrus tree that was good 2 years ago.
it is around 15+ years old, about 3m tall.
it produces very sweet yellow large round flat citrus that I understand are no longer able to buy. everyone loves them.

unfortunately I felled some trees next to it and broke a branch.
about a year later, I discovered it had the citrus borer very bad near its base. they drilled lots of holes thru the main trunk, a big network.
I sprayed the tree with insect repellent in the holes!. and then filled the holes with a inert filler. the borer have all gone.

we had 2 wet winters and 2 very dry summers in between all of this, causing the tree stress, but it still had leaves on and some fruit. the fruit slowly all dropped off, with the leaves.

we are in the waikato.
the tree has lost all its leaves, and looks slightly black. the branch tips are brittle.
but there seems to be some sap in the main big branches, but no signs of life – no leaves.
it is in a warm sunny sheltered spot.

I am kicking myself I did not buy some root stock and graft some of the green leafy branches before it fully died.
can this still be done? (graft on “dead” looking branches)

the 2nd question is the main trunk may have got root rot?, not sure. It is in good organic relatively free draining clay/topsoil but I can push on the tree and shift the whole thing roots and all, a small amount, maybe half an inch.
if I leave the tree what are my chances of it reviving itself from my description above, or am I dreaming and the poor tree is a goner?


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Hi Bernard, It’s a goner sorry, no chance to revive or take cutting or grafting material it looks like the borer got the better of it sorry.

Thanks the Palmers Team

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