I have a problem with a rhodendron, it used to flower, but doesn’t, the buds open up and are green.
I sprayed it for thrips, the plant looks healthy, maybe a little rust. It gets afternoon sun , and I think this might be half the problem..
Can u plse advise what I can do to rectify the problem

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Hi Anne

Thanks for your question. There are a few reasons for failure to flower.

1/ Have you fed the plant with Nitrogen fertiliser? This can cause lots of leaf production but failure to flower. Phosphorus promotes flower production and Potassium for plant health.

2/ Cold wet Summer (the Summer before last certainly classed as this) this can cause the flowers to die before blooming.

3/ Long hot summer (extremes in temperature) last Summer we had an unusually hot long summer. Your Rhodo will struggle to flower if under stress. If it has flowered in the past in the afternoon sun position that you have described then it shouldn’t be affected by the sun but if there has not been adequate water with such a ‘sunny’ summer as last then this could cause failure to flower.

Happy gardening

Maria – Palmers national garden consultant

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